Detoxify & Rejuvenate

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Infrared saunas are beneficial in comparison to traditional saunas because of the three infrared wavelengths that enter your body. Near infrared penetrates the outerlayer of  skin which can regenerate cells, Mid reaches the body’s soft tissue which helps with pain relief, and Far infrared penetrates the deepest in our body that allows us to detoxify.


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Biofeedback loop
ONDAMED offers a unique Biofeedback methodology combined with specific field stimulation. The Biofeedback allows communication with the biological system to identify hidden physiological weaknesses, such as: inflammation, tissue degeneration, infection, and emotional traumas. Biofeedback is assisted through a radial pulse which upon perceiving the specific electromagnetic frequency, the organism responds with variations in the amplitude and intensity of the vascular autonomic signals (VAS), also known as peripheral artery tonometry.