Drug-Free Pain Relief & Recovery

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Bio Med News

What is it and How does it work?

H-Wave uses technology that is patented, trademarked and uniquely different than all other electronic waveforms. H-Wave helps to facilitate a ‘dynamic’ (no tetany) muscle contraction which is the primary physiologic catalyst increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. The increase blood flow from the force of a full cycle muscle contraction naturally provides the transportation to purge and rinse the tissues of metabolites, chemical irritants and other toxic-fluid pressures, using a lymphokinetic action.


Benefits seen:

– Pain control

-Lymphatic drainage

-For Chemo-induced or Diabetic induced neuropathy

-Reduce Lymphedema

-Reduce inflammation

-Post-Op Range of Motion

– Increases Circulation



If interested, please email me for more information: [email protected]

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ONDAMED offers a unique Biofeedback methodology combined with specific field stimulation. The Biofeedback allows communication with the biological system to identify hidden physiological weaknesses, such as: inflammation, tissue degeneration, infection, and emotional traumas. Biofeedback is assisted through a radial pulse which upon perceiving the specific electromagnetic frequency, the organism responds with variations in the amplitude and intensity of the vascular autonomic signals (VAS), also known as peripheral artery tonometry.