La razón por que empecé a mirar a la doctora Valle era porque yo dormía un poco en las noches y también tenía inflamación de próstata. Yo he tenido este problema por 4 meses o más. Mi experiencia ha sido muy satisfactoria y sigo con mis consultas cada semina. Si, definitivamente hay un mejoramiento en todo mi organismo. Puedo dormir mejor y me siento mucho más descansado que antes. 

100% yo recomendaría a la doctora a todos y yo desearía si alguien tuviera los mismos problemas que hagan una consulta y hagan los tratamientos de la Doctora Valle.


The reason I started coming to DR Valle was due to the lack of sleep. I also had inflammation of the prostate. I have had this health concern for about 4 months or so. 

My experience with DR Valle  has been satisfactory which is why I continue to make weekly visits. I definitely feel better overall and now I am able to sleep at night. I would 100% recommend Dr Valle to everyone who has the same concerns and suggest to book a consultation asap.

Jose 2022

I’m a retired firefighter of 30 years.  I’m 64 years old and smoked my first cigarette at 15. I have been smoking on and off for 49 years. I’ve tried to quit smoking many times, but nothing worked until I meet Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya.  I was very skeptical that anything would work but agreed. Dr. Leslie used a machine called, Ondamed. Ondamed delivered specific resonant frequencies to help with my smoking addiction.  Part of the protocol was to treat bottles of water with the frequencies, so whenever I experienced a craving for cigarettes I had the treated water to drink. The day before my first treatment I smoked all the cigarettes I had but saved one. The night of my first treatment I took two puffs of the cigarette I had saved, it tasted like shit. I went to Dr. Leslie for three weeks, 5 days a week, and drank a ton of water (treated and regular bottled) . I also did some binaural beats with brain tap.  I honestly don’t know how it worked, but it worked for me.  I haven’t had a cigarette for 5 months. If I do have a craving I drink water and the craving is gone. I am grateful to Dr. Leslie for her guidance, knowledge, and patience.  She’s a rockstar!

Howard 2022

La razón por mi visita con la doctora Valle fue porque no podía dormir.Mi problema era que no dormía en la noche por muchos meses. Mi experiencia con los tratamientos que he recibido son de buena calidad y me siento muy confortable gracias a la ayuda de la Doctora Valle. 

Yo le diría a todos que tienen el mismo problema que vengan a visitar a la doctora Valle para que  puedan dormir mejor y descansen. Yo recomiendo a la doctora Valle y todo sus servicios!


My reason for seeing Dr Valle was because I could not sleep. My sleep problem had been occurring for months prior to seeing Dr Valle. My experience with Dr Valle and the treatments have been nothing less of the best quality and I feel very comfortable with all treatments. I would suggest that anyone who is experiencing the same issues or concerns to come visit Dr Valle. I have been able to fall asleep and I feel rested. Without a doubt I would 100% recommend Dr Valle and all her services. 


Margarito 2022

I came in for an overall assessment of alternative options based mainly on abnormally high cholesterol, which was diagnosed as being hereditary. I had been working with natural methods of bringing it down, but nothing was working and I was still at 300 high and 200 low. I had heard about Dr. Leslie worked with a new method of therapy through biofeedback analysis for many illnesses so I gave it a try.

I found out my system was in high stress mode when she did her analysis, due to a current work situation that I am unable to change, so we started work with the Ondamed machine. 

Dr. Leslie suggested that I fast at least once, but preferably twice a week at the same time as doing the therapy, which no one else had suggested, and I slowed down on nightly wine. By the time I did my first series of blood work about a month later, (without drug intervention) my cholesterol had dropped to 239! I had previously been on supplements and other methods of treatment for about 8 months without any changes and was finally considering the only other option that I didn’t want to do, drugs to bring it down.

I am on a maintenance program now, alternatively treating liver function, cholesterol, stress management, kidney and adrenals and everything else that has shown as being high. On my last blood work every marker had dropped to completely normal except the cholesterol, but it was substantially lower than before and I am continuing to work on that.

After the Ondamed therapy, which is extremely easy and relaxing, you lie on a warm crystal bed with an infrared added treatment, mainly for stress but also for infrared healing. You can listen to either soothing music with binaural beats, or a hypnotherapy session while you relax.

One thing that 100% sold me on how the machine works was when I was unintentionally scratched by my cat when he jumped onto the bed in the night. The scratches were deep and painful. In just 4 treatments with the wand attachment for skin healing, they were 100% gone, without even the slightest mark that they had ever been there! I can’t speak highly enough about the clinic, Dr. Leslie, the machines technology, or how it works. It’s a peaceful relaxing environment from the minute you walk in the door to the minute you leave. 

I wish there were other Doctors looking ahead to state of the art non invasive natural treatments that work.I have told so many people about this that I’m worried I won’t be able to get appointment time for myself now!


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